Hello, my name is Gerlache


Hello, my name is Gerlache

Hello traveller,

The world is a fascinating place, and therefore I was created. My name is Gerlache, named after the Belgian explorer Adrien de Gerlache, the first Belgian leading an expedition to Antarctica.

Just like him, I love adventures. Your adventures!

You see, I'm not just a modern interpretation of the archetypical globe lamp. I'm a cubic representation of earth, letting you map your travels, your stories, your life on me.

Mark all your favourite spots and reminisce those magnificent travel memories every day.

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the making process

Gerlache is crafted locally and in limited edition. This is how we make sure we create a sustainable, quality product. All the woodwork, printing and assembling are done by our own hands, and with love. The Kerok shells are crafted by a Belgian partner we trust and shares our values. After all, we want everybody involved in the process to be a happy camper.