Mobile School

8% of our profits go to Mobile School -

Mobile School NPO is a Belgian organisation dedicated to helping street children throughout the world. They develop mobile school carts and train local street workers. At the moment, there are 36 mobile schools in 21 countries, spread across four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Mobile School focuses on two target groups: street children and the street workers who engage with them in informal educational activities.

If a child cannot come to school,
we will bring the school to the child

Under this motto, they developed a mobile school. This moving blackboard with hundreds of educational games makes it possible for street workers to organise educational activities.

The materials are designed for mobility, adaptability, durability and resistance to theft.

The educational curriculum does not aim to replace the traditional school curriculum. All the materials and games target an increase in self-respect and identity, the discovery of talents and empowerment. In this way, we on the street build on a strong foundation of faith in one's abilities, self-confidence and the motivation necessary to support further growth processes.

In addition to the materials, Mobile School has also developed an extensive training programme for street workers. They prepare them for the specific and specialised work on the street. Projects and organisations that work with street children can contact Mobile School to make use of their products and services.

The work of building a sustainable world requires youth with a 'changemaker attitude'. Authentic children and youth who know, develop and use their talents to assume this role and work on a sustainable society.

Mobile School has developed a series of products and workshops for children, youth and teachers. These can be integrated into the school curriculum and support schools in guiding their students in becoming lasting, happy world citizens.